Welcome to licensedstudioart.com™!  Our background in retailing studio merchandise and artwork was with Ebay and as we begin expanding here this site will link back to existing Ebay product infrastructure from our two Ebay stores.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  Stay tuned, we are so excited about compiling all these amazing properties together for the first time!



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Licensed Studio Art - About Us

The things we select to adorn our spaces is an expression of who we are.  Licensedstudioart.com is an endeavor to bring all the best legitimate studio approved artwork from all official licensees to one location for the ultimate fan artwork shopping experience.  It is our goal to empower fans to find the pieces that truly speak to them, in order to curate their own personal collections that say something about who they are, using the characters with which they identify, from the franchises that they love. 

We've spent almost 10 years building connections in this industry and work with almost every manufacturer from every studio.  Licensed Studio Art is a constructive collaborative community pursuing all the best artists and fandoms.  This is a space wherein people who share a common admiration and love for these amazing characters can come together to celebrate them. We look forward to hearing from you, learning from you, and helping you to fill your space with pieces that really mean something to you.  Never hesitate to ask questions. We value your business, we genuinely enjoy what we do, and can guarantee that you will love this artwork even more in person!  

At Licensed Studio Art you will find a constantly growing lineup of artwork available for purchase in order to provide a truly unique and comprehensive one stop pop culture art shopping experience for people like us all around the world! New pieces debut almost every week so keep an eye on social media, feel free to tag and introduce us to your friends, and please subscribe to our newsletter below to be notified about all the amazing artwork yet to come - we are so excited to share it with you!